🎁Mystery Boxes🎁

Are you a crystal addict, cluster collector, sparkly lover, witch at heart?

Then the MYSTERY BOXES is for you!

Our mystery boxes are a giant lucky dip for crystal lovers! Gift giving made easy for Xmas or birthdays!… Or treat your self.
Way better than a gift voucher I would say…

This box can be a fascinating surprise to you or your loved ones! Excellent for parties and gifts. It is also a great way to start collecting and using crystals!

The MYSTERY BOXES are currently available are TWO different sizes, the £50 option, and the £100 option.

Inside each and every MYSTERY BOXES, you will receive randomly selected items from my shop.

Here’s what your box could include:
🎁 Crystals
🎁 Sage
🎁 Crystals
🎁 Candles
🎁 Crystals
🎁 Sprays
🎁 Crystals
🎁 Gemstone jewellery
🎁 Crystals
🎁 Dreamcatchers
🎁 …and more CRYSTALS 🎁

Great value for your money, wouldn’t you agree?

Ways to use your Crystals that comes with the MYSTERY BOXES:
💎 Meditate with your crystals, relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy.
💎 Carry it with you. Hold it or slip it into your pocket/purse or bra! 🤣
💎 Crystals are ideal for home/office decorating.

Our MYSTERY BOXES are personally wrapped by the Majestic Crystals and Creations Team in a beautiful gift box💜

Don’t Delay!!

Let the crystals find you!

Amaze yourself or your loved ones with an exciting mystery box filled with beautiful goodies that will take you on a journey of pleasant surprises!


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