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Malachite raw slab

Properties of Malachite:

Stimulates the heart chakra

Allowing Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

Malachite helps when suffering:

Emotional wounds


Negative emotions


Malachite- the stone of transformation. Beautiful piece of part polished part raw.
Malachite, acclaimed as the Stone of Transformation, possesses formidable abilities to catalyze change and foster personal development across all spheres of existence.
Esteemed for its efficacy in liberating one from old patterns and negative behaviours, malachite empowers individuals to stride forward with heightened clarity and purpose.
Central to malachite’s essence is its capacity to stimulate the heart chakra, unveiling pathways to love, compassion, and forgiveness.
This attribute proves particularly invaluable for those grappling with emotional wounds or traumas, as malachite facilitates the release of stagnating negative emotions, enabling profound healing and growth.
Moreover, malachite is reputed to possess purifying qualities that extend to the body, mind, and spirit.
By dissolving obstacles and blockages, it clears the way for unhindered progress toward personal goals and the realization of untapped potential.
Inextricably linked to abundance and prosperity, malachite is revered for its purported ability to attract wealth and fortuitous circumstances into one’s life.
For individuals seeking to enhance their financial situation or attain greater success in their careers, malachite serves as an auspicious ally.
All in all, malachite stands as an influential catalyst for transformation and growth, offering invaluable support to those endeavouring to effect positive changes in their lives.
Embracing malachite as a tool of empowerment can unlock remarkable possibilities for personal evolution and self-realization.


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